6 Skills that will make you more marketable


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Have you have asked yourself why you are not making commendable progress in your career or life in general? A tough question and I know you must be waiting for the answers. You may be one of those who sit in the comfort zone and waits for nature to take its cause. I know it may sound somehow harsh, but the world is rough. You have to take action and make decisions that you will have a positive impact on your life. The world is competitive, and people are learning new skills on a daily basis. The following are smart skills that will make you stand out from the rest.

  1. Marketing skills

You may be the best software developer in your locality, but how do you let people know you? You must learn how to market and promote yourself to the outside world effectively. You can set up a blog, social media accounts or even attend seminars where you can market yourself. Marketing never ends, and that is why you will find big multinationals paying for adverts even when they are making huge sales. You should understand your target customers well and choose the best marketing channel that suits them.

  1. Negotiation skills

Once in a while, potential employers will give an offer and that is where you need your negotiation skills. You have to evaluate whether the offer in question is worth your qualifications. Do not just sign the document blindly but study and understand every tiny detail within it. You also have to learn how to negotiate with suppliers to your business. You should make realistic delivery terms to ensure that you have lasting relationships. How do you handle customers who need to get your products or services at a lower price? The art of negotiation is very important when customers are bargaining. You should show the benefits of the products you are offering rather than their monetary value.

  1. Technical skills

The world is changing and some of the skills you learned ten years ago may not be marketable today. You have to keep with the business dynamics and learn new skills that fit the modern world. Gone are the days when corporations would keep large files in cabinets. What if you learn something like cloud computing? Hiring managers will view you as a resource who can always manage data and negotiate on behalf of the company matters related to cloud computing. The number of technical skills that you can learn is unlimited but always ensure you take those that are related to your career. You can learn more about in-demand technical skills here.

  1. Networking skills

You cannot succeed in this world alone. You need people you can connect with and share ideas that will make you grow. Every time a potential employer looks at you, he\ she will seek to know how you will help the company. Do you have networks that can benefit the company? Networks develop over time, and they depend with who you interact with and how you spend your time. If someone knows you on a personal level, then it is easy for such a person to help you.

  1. Development skills

Your career development depends on the efforts you take. If you want to be the CEO in the next five years, you should take the necessary training to prepare yourself for the task. Things like big positions do not just pop up, but you have to work. Enroll in that new course or training or learn a new language to fit in. Everyone you interact with should be able to tell that you have taken the necessary steps warrant the position you are seeking.

  1. Soft skills

Have you ever wondered why some people find it hard to make new friends while others can make meaningful conversations with total strangers? The ‘soft skills’ is what defines you and how you approach different scenarios. Some of the key areas to that determine your personality are persuasiveness, diplomacy, passion, and communication. Soft skills differentiate you from the crowd and show people that you are someone that they can depend on.

Learning is a process, and it never ends. You will always be in demand when you combine all the above skills and learn new trends as they arise.

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