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11 January 2019

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7 Staggering Facts & Figures About Big Data

Big Data sounds a relatively simple concept. After all, it’s just, Big Data. The idea focuses on the enormous amount of information produced as a result of the explosion in Information Technology, which enables us to collect and store this information. At first glance, the potential of this idea is easy to overlook. But in […]

3 January 2019

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The Market Demand Vs Your Offerings – Are You On The Right Boat?

“Creating demand is hard. Filling #demand is easier. Don’t create a product, then seek someone to sell it to. Find a market – define your customers – then find or develop a product for them.” – Timothy Ferriss  Business, be it any business, works on the simple principles of Supply and Demand. The equilibrium between these two factors must be […]

29 December 2018

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Investment In Research Has An Amazing ROI

Research and Development constitutes a vital part of any company. This team is concerned with the studies and inventions that are aimed at improving the company. This area employs scientists, engineers, management experts and scholars of the highest aptitude from a variety of fields. Research and Development department is responsible for the invention of a […]

26 December 2018

Funding for Startups- The Fuel to Your Fire

For any budding entrepreneur with an idea to start their enterprise, the biggest challenge is probably arranging the capital to start his business. In a world run by money, you have to spend money to make it. Many business plans have failed to reach its full potential due to the lack of financial backers. After […]

22 December 2018

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Effective Project Billing – For Smoother Project Execution

Disclaimer: Reading the experiences below of how money and projects are managed in the business world may cause you flashbacks, frustration, anger and/or feelings of despair. If you’ve been through or might still be going through similar experiences, do not fear, as you continue reading there will be insights, help, and solutions ahead. Freelancer / […]